Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Big Announcement from the Eichenbergers!

(Apologies for the FIVE MONTHS of silence...four kids is a lot...yes, the fourth was born...)

Our original plan when we came to Nashville was for Jake to complete a two year fellowship program in clinical informatics at Vanderbilt.  This would allow him to sit for the informatics board exam (which is brand new), his ultimate goal.  After a few short months, however, some interesting job opportunities began to materialize.  We found out that since the informatics field is still fairly new, we are currently in a "grandfathering period" when it comes to qualifying to sit for the informatics boards (aka you do not have to complete an informatics fellowship in order to be eligible to sit for the boards).  Enough of the medical speak...

We are happy to officially announce that we will be returning to Augusta, Georgia in June!  Jake has been offered a pediatric attending position at Georgia Regents University (better known as MCG) and will get to work 25% of his time in informatics (he will sit for the informatics boards in 2017).

Jake and I will head to Georgia in May on a house hunting trip where we hope to find our "for the foreseeable future" home :-D  Hopefully I can keep the blog updated with pictures once we make an offer on a promises.

For now we are taking mover recommendations...because I *love* moving...and movers...

Oh, and here is our newest kid:

Riding in her BinxyBaby Shopping Cart Hammock

You are welcome.

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