Friday, November 7, 2014

A Review: Lifetouch School Pictures - Do Yourself a Favor and Just Say "No"

Nothing like spending your afternoon on the phone with a "customer service" rep.  Here is the complaint that I just sent off to doubt no one will ever see it as they don't seem to understand how the internet works.  Perhaps they should have hired better programmers.  Or they could have at least consulted with the inventor of the internet himself - Al Gore.

On September 1, 2014 I ordered pictures prior to my son's picture day through your website (order #...) and our credit card was charged the same day.  When we received his pictures we decided we would opt for the re-take.  On re-take day we turned in the original products we ordered (a CD and one sheet of wallets) and he had his picture re-taken.  Just today we received the new proof, but none of the products we ordered.  We also noticed that his last name (Eichenberger) was now misspelled as two words - Eichen Berger.

My husband spent quite a bit of time on the phone with one of your representatives attempting to remedy the situation as apparently there was zero record of our order anywhere in your system (despite our order number and email confirmation).  We were also asked which photo we would like on our CD and when we requested that whatever the original request was in the first order be chosen for this IDENTICAL order, we were told again that they didn't know what had been chosen because apparently anything done on the Lifetouch website just disappears into oblivion.

We then attempted to get the last name corrected and were told that it would have to remain incorrect as there was no way for them to fix the last name at this point.  This was obviously an issue as we chose to have our son's name printed on the wallets, and surprisingly we didn't want the incorrect last name printed on these photos.  This entire process has been utterly ridiculous and although there is no way Lifetouch even cares as they already have the entire market on public school photos, we wanted to let you know that this experience was certainly NOT worth our $36.

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