Friday, August 22, 2014

The BIG Ultrasound


Despite my reservations, the 20 week anatomy ultrasound seemed to go fine and I have yet to be called back for any "second looks" on anything - wahoo!  Everything seems to be about the same when I compare to the other three pregnancies...but I have been having a lot more lower back pain.  Initially I attributed this to the possibility of more kidney stones, which are obviously common for me in pregnancy.  The ultrasound tech got me re-thinking my hypothesis, though, because she mentioned that this time I have an anterior placenta (aka one that is located on the front).

Anterior placentas are common, but not as common as posterior placentas (those located on the back of baby, more toward the spine).  The past three pregnancies I have had insane amounts of movement...violent, jerky, painful movement that anyone and everyone could visibly SEE from across the room - and coincidentally those three pregnancies I had a posterior placenta.  This time around movement is far more muffled and *still* not visible from the outside.  And then comes the pesky back pain slash left sided kidney pain - could certainly be more stones, but I am now betting that this dumb anterior placenta has something to do with it as many women with this report more lower back pain (and more back labor, joy).

Hopefully the pain doesn't intensify...otherwise I'll be having yet another child who was significantly drugged with narcotics during part of their womb experience.  Nice.  So far only Asher has come out with no narcotics exposure...but he did get a full on CT scan while I was midway through my pregnancy.  Whoops.

Gender will remain a surprise...but Jake is thinking girl and I am thinking boy.  Vera has requested a girl, or more appropriately, "a grrrrrrrrrr" as she calls it.  Cole and Asher don't have a clue that they are getting a younger sibling...and honestly don't care, which is cool.  Either way we have plenty of clothes and gear and I'm already strategizing some new baby gear are a few sneak peeks:

4moms Rockaroo (plan to sell our rarely used Mamaroo - let me know if you are interested!)
Zen Swaddle (weighted swaddling blanket)
Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit (already have it - for older babies 3+ months)
Bebe au Lait Muslin Nursing Cover (think Aden & Anais in a nursing cover - love!)

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