Monday, August 4, 2014

Cole is Going to Kindergarten!

Cole just turned five this past month on July 16th and here in Tennessee, the kindergarten cut off date is August 15th.  As difficult as it is to let him go to "real school," we are taking the plunge and sending him off to Julia Green Elementary this year!  We have been incredibly impressed with the school from the very beginning, even going so far as to lease our current home since it is in their district.  He has been incredibly excited from the start and has loved our outings to buy uniforms and school supplies.

Tomorrow afternoon we go to his kindergarten orientation...with all three kids in tow (yep, we'll definitely be "that" family).  He will get to see his classroom and meet his teacher and I will get to find out about all the minute details I have been worrying about these past few months (how will he know to get at least one vegetable, even two, but not three when he gets in the cafeteria line to order pizza???)  We are especially thankful that this year Julia Green is part of a district wide student initiative grant that is giving every single student free breakfast and lunch each day :-D

Next week little Asher will be evaluated for what we *know* is a speech delay...he is 18 months and although he will gladly mimic the sound of Cole's lightsaber (pew pew pew...pew pew...), he has zero meaningful words...and zero motivation in gaining any.  Hopefully they'll be able to help us with a few exercises to get those words going.  Really anything would be helpful to prevent him from having world war 3 worthy tantrums because of not being able to express himself...

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