Monday, May 19, 2014 ONE Week!

I have sat down at least half a dozen times over the past few months to write at least *something* on this blog, but it hasn't happened.  We have SO much going on right now!  The kids' activities are wrapping up - Vera had her dance recital on Saturday and I don't think it has hit her just yet that she won't be going back to class with Miss Stephanie :-(  Cole had his cello recital that same day as well, and his last official lesson will be tomorrow.  He will miss Ms. Garman SO MUCH!  And somehow it is up to me to find "replacements" in Nashville for all of these excellent instructors...this is about to be a huge mom fail.

We are in the throes of last minute extra furniture selling on Craigslist, organizing all of the kids' clothes/toys/gear that needs to be stored in the cellar of the next house, and making note of anything and everything that will no doubt slip through the cracks once the movers come to pack next Tuesday.  Of course I should also be doing all of the normal, daily laundry...but naturally these things are falling by the wayside.

This next phase of our life is sure to be full of excitement and more craziness, but it is hard to leave Augusta behind.  It is now in our "top 5 places to settle" list and we already know where we would buy a house should we ever come back, and I hope we do!  For now we look at the short term, which means living in Nashville for the next two full years, possibly a third depending on Jake's program and possible publishing of articles, yada yada.  Beyond that we are wide open...still considering the possibility of Stanford, as it would be nearly impossible to pass up a position in informatics there.

Throughout the uncertainty, we know He is with us...and we are holding on to Him.

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