Friday, February 21, 2014

Your Architecture

Today after dropping the kids off at preschool and mother's day out, I decided to head down Walton Way to MCG (the "scenic route") so I could bring Jake the ID he left at home.  I was NOT expecting to see what I saw...  Total destruction.  It actually brought tears to my eyes.  Downed trees and huge branches everywhere.  Tarps covering damaged rooftops.  I drove over a downed power line, which luckily was not live.  And just to add to the strangeness of this new landscape in West Augusta, we had constant storm warnings and tornado watches with massive, straight line winds this morning which pushed already stressed trees to their limit.

It was incredible to see the strength of last week's ice storm and the power of something that ordinarily seems so innocuous.  Hearing this song as I drove through the path of the storm reminded me of who owns our world...who is always in control...and who sees everything from an infinitely better perspective than our own.

You built me up like a city of gold
The battles rage but I'm standing tall
You formed my heart like an empire
The wind and rain can't stop this fire

If only I could see it from Your perspective
The beauty and the grace of Your architecture

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