Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Venus Sensitive Embrace - Another Review

I was happy to be chosen for Influenster's Venus Sensitive Embrace VoxBox and just received it a few days ago - excitement!  Full disclosure: I received this 100% free, although the opinions are my own.

After opening it up I was happy to find the new Venus Sensitive Embrace razor handle, two cartridges, and an awesome shower pod (that holds your razor for you in the shower and attaches easily to tile via a suction cup).  I wouldn't necessarily consider myself to have truly "sensitive" skin, but in winter my skin can definitely be temperamental...and mainly dry.

Ordinarily I use the Target Up&Up generic triple blade razors, which work fine, but I was eager to test out this new one to see if it is really better.  I can honestly say that the Venus Sensitive Embrace with five blades was actually slightly better than my generic, especially given that I had zero little red (itchy) bumps after shaving my legs, where typically I'll see that after using other razors.

I think the "coolest" part about this VoxBox (if you can call shaving paraphernalia "cool," that is) was the included shower pod.  It is SUCH an improvement on the old one (that was always huge and never seemed to stay stuck to the wall...nice).

Final verdict: is it worth it?  I would say if you have sensitive skin, it is certainly worth upgrading to the Venus Sensitive Embrace, especially given the smoother results.  Razors are expensive...but taking the (hideous amount of) time to shave only to have ugly, red bumps appear is more than worth the upcharge!

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