Sunday, January 5, 2014

I Was Inspired to Take My Kids' Toys Away...

If you haven't read this article, read it now...I read it a few days ago and really felt inspired to take some action in my own kids' lives when it comes to all of their stuff.  Of course I have adapted it a bit and won't be taking ALL of my kids' toys away, mostly because unlike Ruth's kids, Cole and Vera are young (4 and 2) and not yet in "real" school 5 days a week.  I am with them most days 24/7 with the exception of Cole's preschool (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings) and Vera and Asher's mother's day out (Friday mornings).  I feel like because of this, we need a few "extra" toys still laying around the house to prevent total and utter chaos from ensuing.

Today I have spent roughly 5 hours sorting and putting about 90% of Cole and Vera's toys up in the loft bedroom.  I'm leaving large items in the playroom, like the train table and the toy kitchen, but everything else, save for a few dolls and stuffed animals in their beds, has gone to the loft to live temporarily.  I have yet to mess with Asher's toys...I'm hoping to simply pare down his stash and give a ton of it to Goodwill as he really doesn't require a ton of "stuff."

My plan is to bring down one box or bin of toys from the loft each day.  That day I'll observe what the kids actually play with and what just sits there...then I'll separate out all of the unused stuff and put it in our Goodwill pile.  I'd love to say that this exercise is entirely benefiting the kids, but I think it will mostly benefit me and our upcoming move to Nashville.  My goal is to give away or throw away at least 5 garbage bags full of toys...but that may be slightly aggressive.  We shall see.  In the meantime, here are a couple pictures...

Most of the kids' toys, now in the loft

Bare bones (of course it still looks like a TON of toys)

The rest of the toys on the other side of the loft

Our now empty shelves that had been overflowing with toys...behind the couch

Couldn't resist - had to throw this in - my favorite Christmas gift - Steele canvas laundry baskets

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