Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And We're Back.

We have been gone from home for what seems like the LONGEST time!  Between Cole's Suzuki Institute for cello in Louisville and Jake's high school reunion in southern Indiana with a mere week of "down time" in between, I think I'm going to go crazy packing and unpacking incessantly.  To top it off I managed to get sick twice during that time...dumb.

Now we are FINALLY home, but I'm attempting to unpack for the last time and simultaneously prep the house for the kids' birthday party on Friday.  Luckily the "fun" part of the party is just a massive inflatable bounce house that will be delivered to the front yard, but I'm thinking I'll need to keep the food inside (because of bugs), which means people will have to walk through my dirty home...booooo.

In the meantime, here is the pinterest-inspired menu (in addition to store-bought salsa & chips, Marco's Pizza, and Blue Bell ice-cream...don't judge).

Blue Raspberry Cupcakes
Hot Corn Dip
Lemonade Punch

Here's to hoping it doesn't rain us out!

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Anonymous said...

I think all of those things look so delicious and perfect for a summer party! Go for it! No one will notice a dirty house - they'll assume it got messed up by party kids! (at least that's what I tell myself when I invite people over here...)