Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Skinnyr - Postpartum Weight Loss...Bleh.

I have been keeping track of my weight loss from the date I delivered (January 28th) up until now on my uber fancy gmail calendar online...I know...boring.  So I found a pretty cool site just now that lets you look at your weight loss in a far prettier format...check out mine here:

Get your own graph at skinnyr

Of course I am *trying* to keep the weight loss thing in perspective, but it is difficult.  I was down to 10 pounds LESS than where I started at a mere 3 weeks postpartum with Cole...but now after kid number 3 (who happens to eat barely even 10% as much as Cole did) I am falling FAR behind comparatively.  I am 16+ weeks postpartum and 6 pounds away from pre-baby weight.  I have been trying to get to 3-4 exercise classes each week beginning May 1st...mostly Les Mills' BodyFlow and the occasional barre and core class.  And my new motto?  Keep calm and skinny smoothie on.

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