Sunday, January 6, 2013

Slight Progress

Things are finally starting to come together when it comes to cleaning and "projects" around the house. Our Breeze came yesterday and yes, it is JUST as easy to open/close as I thought - excellent.  Last night Jake brought the wooden cradle down to the master bedroom and this morning I spent some time washing, drying, and putting bedding on the cradle.  Although it is a long process, I am hoping to create the cover for our rocker this afternoon...provided I have enough white thread here at the house.

Last night I decoupaged Cole's dresser and it looks OK...I would have loved for it to NOT have so many bubbles, but oh well.  Now I'm just waiting on Jake to spray it with an acrylic gloss sealer, let it dry, anchor it to the wall, and FINALLY fill it up with Cole's clothes.  Hopefully this leads to more independent dressing skills, which we have been fervently working on over the past few months.

This morning I managed to somehow take down the remaining Christmas decorations while herding the kids out of my way...not so successful...lots of crying (from Vera)...but hey, it is done.  I think the only thing we have left to take down are the Christmas lights outside (no doubt our neighbors' fears about possibly living next to the trashiest people alive have officially been confirmed).

Although it feels good checking things off this massive list, it is sad to think about just how much MORE has to be done...back to work!

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