Saturday, January 5, 2013


I'll be the first to admit - I'm not sure I ever really "nested" with Cole...or Vera for that matter.  My time prepping for Cole's arrival was pretty average as we owned our home and had a completely unused bedroom to convert to a nursery.  First we ripped up the carpet, laid some Ikea laminate ourselves (it looks *pretty* good, haha), and then painted the walls a very pale shade of blue (thinking it would easily work for a boy or a girl and matched our DwellStudio Alphabet bedding).  I remember buying the David Netto CUB crib and matching changer on Overstock  (at an 83% discount since they were considered "slight seconds"...craziness) and then picking up a little Ikea bookcase, a wool area rug, and finally our rocker and ottoman.  Heck we even managed to find the time to put up brand new blinds and blackout window panels and curtain rods.  I organized his closet until the cows came home...hand painted homemade clothing dividers...and all this was DONE before I ever reached 30 weeks.

Vera's preparation was quite the different story.  We didn't even find out where we had matched until March, when I was already 5 months pregnant...and at that point we put the house on the market (ugh). I did pretty much zero prep and zero purchasing until we actually moved to Augusta at the very end of May, a little over a month before Vera made her arrival.  This time around we chose not to re-paint her room since we were living in a rental home.  Her nursery was TINY...we could hardly even FIT the rocker in her room, let alone the ottoman.  And the fact that the rental house was TRASHY really put a damper on the whole "baby prep" stage...ugh.

Now for baby number 3 we have an entirely different situation.  Unlike with Vera, we are in a BEAUTIFUL rental home and could not have asked for a better layout (ranch + loft) or any more square footage (2500).  But also unlike with Vera's arrival, we are now finding ourselves in need of a second crib.  To avoid buying yet ANOTHER piece of uber heavy furniture that later we will be forced to store or get rid of, we decided to *finally* buy a playpen/portable crib and chose the brand new 4moms Breeze.  I pre-ordered it way back in July and it is FINALLY coming TODAY!  Our goal is to keep baby #3 in our room in the handmade wooden cradle (on loan to us from some awesome friends) for as long as I can stand, which will probably be no more than 3 weeks knowing how horribly I sleep if I am in proximity to an infant.  Then at that point we'll move them to the loft where they will sleep in the cradle (until 3 months) and then the Breeze.  My goal is to move Vera to Cole's toddler bed around her 2nd birthday in July, when this little one is about 6 months old.  Then FINALLY they will be able to use a real crib...with the brand new bedding that we'll have to wait 6 months to use...bah.

I can't complain too much, though...because even though I don't have ANYTHING set up for Baby E #3 and I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow, we have more than enough space for them and have pretty much everything we need and a ton of stuff on the non-essential list for this kid as well!  For now I will just pray that this baby stays put at least for the next 2 weeks...

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