Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Won't Give Up

This morning went really well - both kids cooperated in getting dressed and ready for preschool...we all ate breakfast...and there was time to spare.  Cole managed to actually get buckled in without me asking more than once (WOW) and we easily got to First Baptist without many traffic issues.  The radio didn't have the best selection, so I flipped on the FM transmitter and turned on the iPod.  Jake is typically the only one who actually bothers to listen to the iPod nowadays, so I had no idea what we would be listening to...

Jason Mraz comes on, loud and clear...on Jake's current favorite song "I Won't Give Up."  But the surprising part is that from the back seat, I hear this little voice...singing every word.  Sure, only about half the notes were actually even somewhat close to being correct, but he had memorized every word.

I called Jake after dropping the kids off at preschool and Mother's Day Out and asked him if he had been listening to the song with Cole or secretly teaching him all of the lyrics, but he was just as shocked as I was.  He said he listened to it once with him last week while they were on their way to Dairy Queen, but aside from that he had no idea where he would have been able to listen to it.

I'll leave you with one of the videos of Cole, taken when he had just turned two (still hard for me to believe that he is now talking like an adult, a little over a year later)...

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