Thursday, January 17, 2013

Close Call, But No Cigar.

All yesterday afternoon and evening I *thought* that perhaps I was making progress...braxton hicks contractions pretty regularly about every 6 or 7 minutes, lasting a minute or LONGER (which seemed odd).  Sadly they never really became painful, just moderately uncomfortable (and it was incredibly hard to breathe which is typical for braxton hicks contractions for me).  This morning I woke up and wasn't contracting anymore, so in a way it is a positive because my Dr. is in Disneyworld with her family right now ;-)  It is sad, though, because today is Granny's birthday and it would have been cool if this baby shared that day with her.

Today is the beloved and long awaited mother's day out/preschool day where BOTH kids are gone in the morning - amazing.  I was able to do a little bit of shopping at Target to pick up last minute groceries, diapers, and wipes.  I also managed to put dinner in the crock pot - lima bean soup :-D  I figure if the temps have to drop from the 70s to the 60s that the least I could do was make some soup...  I got the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, folded and put away some laundry, finished packing baby's bag, and cleaned up the kitchen and master bedroom.  Of course I know all of this will end up being pretty much completely undone once the kids are home...I'm so glad we still have nap time/quiet time...AND we don't have group lesson tonight - wahoo!

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