Thursday, January 24, 2013

By Popular Demand - My Hospital/Baby Bag Checklist

(Warning: If you have no desire to know what *really* goes on during labor and delivery, stop reading here.  I try my best NOT to delve too far into the "TMI" category on this blog, but when it comes to helpful items to have in your hospital bag, I wanted to be as honest as possible.)

I finally got the remainder of my hospital bag (and baby bag) packed...and currently everything is still sitting in the trunk of my van since we knew this past Tuesday was a possibility as far as delivery goes. Here are the things I like to pack in my hospital bag...

  • cell phone & charger - if you aren't happy with your cell's camera, both still shots and recorded video, bring along that awesome DSLR and/or super cool camcorder
  • baby book for footprints - if you plan to do an online book, no problem - most hospitals will give you a cute sheet of paper with the prints on it
  • toiletries
    • nursing stuff - a couple nursing pads (although if you are like me, your milk will take its' sweet time coming in and you'll be long home before you have to worry about it), gel pads (a la hydrogel or soothies), nursing gel/cream (I *love* Medela's - it is great)
    • the biggest pads you can find - glamorous?  YES.  The hospital will supply this as well...
    • numbing spray - without going into too much detail...errr...just pick it up at the drug store (Dermoplast)
    • preparation H - I'll bet you thought you'd NEVER end up having to buy this...
    • miralax - can we say BEST FRIEND?
    • normal other toiletries - toothbrush/toothpaste/floss, makeup, shampoo/conditioner/body wash/face wash, razor & shaving cream, glasses/contacts/contact solution/contacts case, & deoderant
  • nursing pajamas/gown, nursing bra, underwear, robe, & slippers - it is nice to have a gown initially given the infinite number of "checks" that you'll end up getting in those first 12 hours post-birth...and personally I like wearing navy/black/something dark given the ridiculousness you may experience'll thank me later.
  • nursing pillow - I prefer the hysterical looking "My Brest Friend," but the brand new improved Boppy pillow looks pretty awesome
  • extra plastic bag for dirty clothes - feel free to skip this as pretty much all hospitals have these and will go ahead and give you one or more
  • going home outfit - this will depend on season - for Cole (July) I chose maternity shorts, a nursing tank, and a 3/4 length jacket over top while for Vera (July) I wore a nursing maxi dress and flip flops.  Choose something LOOSE fitting and preferably new and nice - you want to feel like you look somewhat nice walking/wheeling out of the hospital given that you won't feel quite so nice. For baby #3 I bought some new casual velour pants with a matching jacket and plan to wear a nursing tank underneath.

And here are a few things I like to have in baby's bag...

  • newborn diapers, wipes, & diaper rash cream - Boudreaux's is your best bet
  • burp cloth, receiving blanket - Aden & Anais - best
  • swaddle - again, Aden & Anais is awesome, but you can also use the Miracle Blanket or a cotton SwaddleMe
  • 3 newborn outfits - going home outfit plus a couple of easy-changing gowns
  • cute stuffed animal/toy

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