Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Third Pregnancy? Boo.

OK, so my first two pregnancies seemed pretty a few kidney stones thrown in there, but still, very "routine."  With Cole I remember the seemingly unending morning sickness that lasted until about 22 weeks, but then aside from a kidney stone at 38 weeks, Cole was born at 39 weeks and I had what amounted to only *minor* discomfort in the last few weeks.  Vera came along and I managed to get a bit of a break with the morning sickness since it stopped at 20 weeks.  I did experience Braxton Hicks contractions with her for the first time (never strong enough to recognize with Cole), but again...pretty minor...kidney stone around 24 weeks (hospitalized for that one for the morphine drip)...*slightly* more aches and pains toward the end, and then she was born at 37 weeks.

This third pregnancy is for the birds!  I guess it is to be expected as a) the space between Vera and the baby is pretty small and didn't allow for much "normalcy" before being pregnant yet AGAIN (hoping for no pre-term labor because of this as I know closely spaced pregnancies can be a small risk factor).  With baby #3 I am now having moderate (and sometimes closer to severe) heartburn...strange as I've never experienced heartburn in my life.  Braxton Hicks contractions are more intense and more frequent, which is only a minor issue, but I have also had about half a dozen 1 hour "real contraction" experiences in the past 3 weeks...back labor...bleh.  Luckily that also has ended relatively quickly.

I guess all this is to be expected given that none of my internal organs even have a clue as to where they should be going by this point...3 pregnancies later.  Sorry for the complaining...I know I only have maybe 6 weeks left, if that.


SarahR said...

My 3rd pregnancy was by far the hardest as well. Hang in there Amanda!

Amanda E. said...

Glad to know it isn't just my imagination! I was starting to wonder if I have gotten wimpy in my old, child-filled days... ;-)