Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Neverending To Do List

So I don't know if I'm just in denial about bringing a third child into this world or if I'm just lazy...probably a combo of the two...but I feel like I have done NOTHING to prepare this house for the new arrival!  Much of this is due to Thanksgiving and then Christmas and decorating, cooking, baking, etc for all of the numerous events.  I'm trying to get motivated to do some of this tonight, but we shall see...

  • Roll out/cut/bake/frost/decorate cookies
  • Change sheets/make bed (master)
  • Re-organize craft supplies into 2 dressers
  • Organize/wash all unisex baby clothes in nb, 0-3mo, & 3-6mo & swaddles/blankets
  • Pack baby's hospital bag
  • Pack for Greensboro
  • Set up/stain/decoupage dresser for Cole's room
  • Put Cole's clothes in new dresser
  • Place hanging organizer in loft closet for baby
  • Move cradle & Kanoe downstairs to master
  • Move extra maternity clothes up to loft closet
  • Look for denim skinny jeans & jacket for Vera in Cole's old clothes

Sounds me, I know.  But it is my life.  For now I'm just waiting for the pizza man to arrive with our dinner...with two uber unhappy and whining children...woohoo!  Seven o'clock can't come soon enough.

P.S.  I like to use + their iPhone app to organize everything from shopping and to do lists to meal plans each week...check it'll love it...(did I mention it is free?)

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