Monday, December 17, 2012

Just to Clear Something Up...

(I apologize in advance if this post is offensive to family and I live in what has now been deemed the most violent region of the United States: the South, and after having been asked numerous times how I *feel* about the issue of gun control, I have decided to just lay it all out there.  I don't appreciate it when people immediately jump on the issue of guns after a tragedy, saying anything from "If we had more guns, this would have never happened" to the equally ridiculous "This is why guns should be banned in America."  But alas, after seeing about 6,000 Facebook status posts about it, I suppose I am now officially succumbing to the trend.)

I am the daughter of one registered democrat and one registered republican, both of whom now vote conservatively.  We grew up with zero guns in our home and mom always did her due diligence whenever one of us wanted to go on a playdate at someone else's home by asking the parents if they had any guns present in their home.  If the answer was "yes," her follow-up was to ask where they kept said gun(s).  I am happy to report that all of my friends growing up had responsible parents who kept guns (and all other weapons) locked away and unloaded, and thus mom never had to say no to those playdates.

Although to this day Jake and I do not own a gun and my parents do not own them either, we do believe that citizens of the United States should be allowed to own guns.  Do I yell and ramble on and on about the second amendment and how "nobody's takin' mah guns away"?  Nope.  At this point we've all got bigger fish to fry.

Along with this right to own guns, I believe there should be regulations regarding gun ownership.  Because of this, I am "pro gun control" and pretty proud of it.  In fact, after having read quite a few articles recently (on both sides of the aisle), I believe that the statistics show that a majority of Americans also believe in some form of gun control.  Of course the term is considered hugely negative given our crazy, polarizing political parties.  When one thinks of "gun control" they now picture some 70s hippie protester smoking marijuana instead of your average American stay-at-home mom, but whatev.  Here is what makes me pro-gun control...

*I am staunchly in support of background checks before one is allowed to purchase a gun.
*I do not believe that felons or mentally ill citizens should ever be able to lawfully own a gun.
*Once a gun is purchased, I think that said gun should then be required to be registered to its' owner.
*I see no reasonable explanation for a civilian ever needing or being able to purchase an assault rifle or high capacity clips.
*For the sake of our children alone, I believe that the law should require trigger locks.
*In keeping with this same principle, I also believe that we should mandate safe storage requirements for guns.
*In the same way that high capacity clips are unreasonable, I feel that semi-automatic weapons are also unnecessary in protecting yourself and those you love.

Some will laugh at my list and say "That's all well and good, but criminals will always find ways to obtain weapons" and to this I will respond with "you're right."  But one could make quite a few arguments in this regard...there will always be physicians who commit prescription fraud, so why outlaw it?  Wife beaters will always ignore restraining orders (and typically end up killing their significant other once they file), so why even have them?  We don't make laws based on how many people we think will obey them...that is utterly ridiculous.

Jake and I agree that the issue of seemingly random shooting sprees is not simplistic enough to say that any legislative action regarding gun control will be able to stop them in the future.  We are not naive enough to believe this.  If anything, mental illness *should* be what we are focusing on when it comes to crazy people doing crazy things, but since no one can wrap their heads around that subject, we'll just stick to the gun control debate...again.

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