Saturday, December 1, 2012

December First

Well we are *finally* back home in Augusta after visiting family and friends up in Louisville for the past week and a half!  It is crazy how much you take for granted about where you live, that is until you leave.  We always miss our family and friends to the north, but it is hard not to like living in a place where the highs even in December are still in the 70s.

Sadly Jake got called in to work an ED shift today as he is on backup duty today and tomorrow.  Cole, Vera, and I will have to go to Cole's friend's birthday party by ourselves - hopefully they will behave...ha.  Most interesting news of the day is that our kitchen sink is utterly and hopelessly clogged. Both of them.  I have a feeling it is NOT the disposal, but is instead just a clog in the pipe itself.  I have plunged my way into eternity with no progress...and even tried some pinterest home remedies involving  baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water...again, nothing.  I plan to pick up some Liquid Plumr on the way home from the party to see if I can get some movement that way.  Having two sinks filled with standing water is grossing me out...

Today should be another busy day...number one priority is finishing my most recent Etsy order - a gorgeous purple peacock tutu dress (pictures to come later on the Etsy shop) - and packing/shipping it to yet another awesome customer.  I am also *hoping* to get a ton of decorations up over the fireplace. I have been more than inspired to decorate our mantle this year thanks to pinterest...again, hopefully I'll have pictures of that soon!

Before we left I managed to finish our family avent calendar tree and today Cole got to pick out his first piece of candy from the "1" pocket at the top - he was totally psyched.  At some point we need to put out lights outside (I'm thinking tomorrow since the weather is still supposed to be great at that point) plus we have to set up the tree inside and decorate it...and we can't forget the brand new Christmas train that "poppaw & Gigi" got Cole - hopefully it will be an easy set up around the base of the tree.

Yesterday after we got home we collectively went through *most* of the kids' toys and determined which ones are NEVER played with so we could get together a collection to donate.  Initially Cole was not a fan of this process...but eventually I think even he had become utterly disgusted with the vast quantity of toys we have in this house.  Of course it is hard going through and eliminating things knowing that we are about to have baby #3 in the next couple months and we may end up having more...but it is nice to clear out the old before bringing in all the new stuff that comes with Christmas!

Well, it is nearly 10am and Cole and I are still in our pajamas...sitting on the couch...watching Bob the Builder while the NEATO vacuums the living room...I'm thinking we should get up and get dressed so we aren't late for this party!

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