Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why We Should Hate Our Physicians

(For Drew...)

1.  They make "too much money."
2.  They are only out for themselves.
3.  They don't care about saving lives, only saving themselves from potential litigation.
4.  They don't agree with my personal perspective, thus they *must* be raging lunatics.
5.  Their extra 4 years of postgraduate school and 3+ years of training in a residency program (read: graduation from at least 23rd grade or beyond) mean nothing in the scheme of life and their own personal intelligence level - this is just a way to assert their own flawed opinion.
6.  They have the audacity to tell me that overeating, drinking, and smoking are all detrimental to my own health and well being.
7.  They would like for me to come to my scheduled appointment on time.
8.  They think I should PAY for their services.

Doctors.  Who needs 'em anyway?  Can't wait for Obamacare to rid our world of all of those blasted idiots.

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