Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby E #3

I'm feeling guilty because I haven't really devoted many posts to Baby Eichenberger No. 3,'s the update.  I'm 28 weeks on Sunday and had my glucose test yesterday.  As long as they don't call me Monday I'm in the clear.  The last visit I had they told me I was already spilling protein and that my levels were at 200.  This time there was only TRACE amounts - score!  Turns out it must have been some small kidney stones that were causing the protein to spill and not be filtered out properly in my kidneys.

Dr. Braun asked me if there were any specific concerns I had about the pregnancy or labor and delivery.  Most of the time I just say 'nope' but this time I decided to ask about what we could do to try to prevent the whole "surprise - you are having a baby in 20 minutes and there is no way we're giving you an epidural!" episode that we experienced with Vera's birth.  I'm happy to report that we now have a very specific plan in place to reduce this risk pretty drastically.  It doesn't involve actual "induction" per se, but it provides more monitoring - early and frequent - and allows for me to be admitted to the hospital early if anything comes up.  She said I'm the type of person who needs to immediately go to the hospital even for minor discomfort at 36 weeks or beyond...I need to remember this.

I'm still thinking #3 is a boy...heartrate was in the 140s yesterday (whatever that means)...and movement is not nearly as frequent as Cole's, but stronger than Vera's.  Here are some of the names, both boy & girl, that I love (many of them Jake does NOT love...)



I'm thinking we'll keep Baby E #3 in our room for the first month or so (if I can stand it that long...I have a weird thing about not sleeping if there is a baby in my room).  While they are in our room, I plan to use the awesome handmade wooden cradle we have used for Cole and Vera from our friends, the Survants.  I'm trying to decide if we should also put up the Kanoe in our bedroom as an alternative option if they aren't a fan of the cradle.  I plan to use the Orbit bassinet all around the house, wherever I need to go, plus on the stroller.  And I guess the swing will go in the family room...with all the other STUFF.

When we move the baby up to the loft, I plan to use one of our baby monitor cameras to keep an eye/ear on them.  The loft isn't really set up for anything except storage and crafting and that is where our spare bed/mattress is, so that should be interesting.  We have ordered a 4moms Breeze portable crib/playard that we'll use up there from about 6 weeks until whenever we think Cole and Vera can share a room, perhaps around 6 months.  Ideally I'd love for that to be around July when Cole turns 4 and Vera turns 2, but we shall see if that will fly.  As it stands now if Vera were to be in a toddler bed and Cole in a twin bed, both in his room, they would no doubt KILL each other in an hour.

I've got about a thousand thoughts running through my mind about whether to paint a wall in the loft -or- in Vera's nursery...or maybe just put up a decal or something.  And I keep wondering if I should primarily use the Donkey stroller or the Orbit and just get an additional sidekick for Vera...she's probably still a ways from actually STAYING on the board, though.  Anyway...I'll stop rambling.

Post about Baby E #3...DONE.

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