Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mother's Day Out - YES.

Today is beloved Mother's Day Out for Vera, and one of Cole's preschool days...which meant CLEANING DAY for moi.  I deemed it "kids' closet cleaning" day, which made me want to vomit when I thought about it, but I am happy to report I DID IT.  I cleaned out and reorganized the kids' clothes and put out all of the new clothes mom & dad bought for them last night and then found even more clothes for Vera that Darcy had passed down to us from Elina - score!

Of course I was utterly shocked at how long it took...two solid breaks.  Bleh.  And the worst part is that I know I still need to go through all of the old clothes from both kids (cumulatively) and throw out/give away stuff we'll never use again and only keep those sentimental and/or super nice things for other siblings.

Speaking of other siblings, baby number three was looking good yesterday at the anatomy scan.  I still have a feeling it is a boy (placenta seems to be solidly on the right side of baby), but we'll see in February ;-)

I'm not sure there are enough mother's day out days from now until February to allow me to get EVERYTHING done and prepped for this third kid...aaaaaaggggghhhhhh.  Where is my live-in maid?


Merritt said...

i think our live in maids are hiding out somewhere together. sure hope we find them soon.

Amanda E. said...

I'm beginning to think we should fire them for hiding from us... ;-)