Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Helpless Husband

Sure enough, just when I thought I was done, I came across this article today, which also happens to pertain to yesterday's rant regarding a certain overgrown, wannabe bachelor.

How to Raise Helpless American Kids

Raising kids is tough.  Really tough.  The second you think you've got it down, you realize you are, in fact, drowning.  I have been noticing recently that although Cole is quite capable of doing things for himself, he is also very apt to whine and moan whenever he wants or needs something.  My mom friend Mary Elizabeth is *excellent* in this department as she always seems to have a trick up her sleeve that helps to foster independence in young kids.  A while back she started stocking the lower levels of her fridge with sippy cups to combat the infamous "MOMMY - I'm thirsty!" that I seem to hear all day long.

Reading the article, I would LOVE for Cole to be as self-reliant as the author's girls...of course they are a lot older, and there are far more chores to be done where they live.  But even still, I am hoping to continue to incorporate more ways for both my kids to help themselves in the near future.  I mentioned Cole specifically earlier because, not to single them out, but many men do end up fitting the American "Helpless Husband Syndrome" stereotype later in life.  I don't want Cole to be bound by ancient gender roles to the point where he can't turn on a washer and dryer or simply has no clue how to load a dishwasher.  Jake is an excellent role model in this department as he is never one to back away from ANY seemingly domestic household chores.  Heck, he even watches the kids for me himself...(it really is possible...even for a complete caveman, I would argue).

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