Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tails of the Bugaboo Donkey

Most of you know by now that I am a full-fledged stroller-a-holic.  I'm sure a support group exists, but likely *not* in Augusta as everyone here seems normal and sensible enough.  Some women buy shoes...I buy strollers.  Jake maintains that a shoe addiction would be FAR less costly, but alas, I am who I am ;-) (that *is* the appropriate excuse, right?)

Back when the Bugaboo Donkey made its debut I was pregnant with Vera and due in a couple months.  I made the painstaking decision to just say "no" to the fortune-costing MIRACLE of a convertible single/double (and even triple with ride on board!) and opt for the far more practical Baby Jogger City Select.  You see I was getting essentially the same function for literally HALF the cost, and was still getting what most deem to be a luxury stroller.

A year has gone by and I still pine for the Donkey...though not really its' name.  We used our beautiful amethyst City Select with second seat maybe a dozen times and took it to Disney where it served its purpose well.  But I can't help but think we really DON'T use it enough.  And our amazing Origami power-folding single also sits in our garage, stored away and literally never to be used again.  Needless to say I have decided to sell both the City Select and the Origami, and hopefully I'll be able to sell them locally with no need to ship them (although if you are interested and don't live here in the CSRA, I will GLADLY ship, bahaha).

My mom (and dad) have graciously given us an early baby number three gift...

Why, yes...that *is* the Donkey.  We scored an amazing deal on a brand new, unopened box Bugaboo Donkey Twin in Sand.  The seller even asked us what color tailored fabric kits we wanted, and being avid Kentucky basketball fans, we chose royal blue (well, that and the only things that look fairly normal with the sand base are the royal blue or perhaps black).

We will get it soon and until then will be eagerly anticipating the delivery guy...

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