Friday, August 31, 2012

Hot Hot HOT

So long to those days of highs in the 80s...we are back to 90s with insane humidity.  And just in time for September, I might add.  Today has been fairly productive, beginning with totally trashing the entire house (thanks kids) and then hitting up two different parks with Darcy.  To the Columbia County Parks & Rec department - shame on you for turning off EVERY SINGLE SPLASH PAD.  Dumb.  After nearly dying of heat exhaustion, we were done within an hour and I did the financially stupid thing and went to McDonald's to pick up a salad and a happy meal.  But it was good.  Real good.

We watched a bit of "Tangled" and then both kids went down for a nap, with quite a bit of screaming I might add.  UGH.  Our replacement Neato XV-12 was delivered, so I quickly packed up the old one that was making an insanely loud screech-owl sound and started charging up the new one.  I am happy to say it is working well - yay for Neato!  Now we need to drop off the old one at FedEx...

Almost every weekend I've been gone with the kids at the lake, but this time Jake gets to come with us!  He's on an outpatient rotation and so he not only has the weekend off, he also has MONDAY off...totally crazy.  We plan on taking the boat out and having a picnic lunch tomorrow and just hanging out by the pool for the rest of the time.

So now I shall go finish up a load of laundry, pack some bags, and take a quick shower...alternatively, I could totally shirk all of that (per usual) and just sit here watching Downton Abbey and perhaps take a nap...only to be awakened by my screaming kids half an hour later, realizing I did nothing I was supposed to have done.  Yeah.  Decisions decisions.

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