Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Clearly any time I am pregnant, I am more easily general.  But honestly - I *thought* our timing was perfect with this kid being born in February, but did I consider the election?  Nah.  Hopefully we don't end up with a RAGING newborn like the first time around...

But really, my frustration about politics really takes a backseat to my frustration with people in general.  Here's the thing - you don't have to be superman/superwoman to be able to live life as a normal human being...aka, you get a cold, take some meds, get to sleep earlier, drink fluids, and GO ABOUT YOUR DAY.  I'm so tired of seeing fellow humans who quite literally drop everything with a single cough or sneeze.  I am around some truly rockstar moms of 3+ kids (you know who you are Side by Side moms ;-) who NEVER get a break, no matter how sick they feel.  No calling the husband to take a sick day from work...why?  Well, that is because their husband can't stop because he is working to fix everybody else.  YOU all are my heroes and my role is because of you that I think I just *might* be able to swing this life with three kids thing...

Second frustration - people who simply refuse to think for themselves.  Of course I have always witnessed this, especially when I was in staffing (bleh), but now seeing it in my own peers physically makes me sick.  We have access to EVERYTHING via the internet...use it.  Have a question and don't like the answer you get from a friend?  Look it up.  They may be wrong.  Or they may be right.  Bah.  Of course this frustration extends into politics, but again...that was not my intention of creating THIS blog post ;-)

Third and final frustration - laziness.  Have you been hired to do a job?  Do you receive a paycheck for said job?  Awesome.  Right now a TON of people would love to be in your shoes.  Do.  Your.  Job.  Don't cut corners and try to slack off.  And please, don't treat your co-workers as your own personal assistants.  I don't care if you feel like there is a hierarchy based on how old you are or how long you have been in your position - choosing not to complete your work and shoving the busywork you don't happen to like on other co-workers is, quite frankly, a crappy thing to do.  PLUS you will NOT be storing up favors with those people.  Do you *really* want to be that person who enters the room and then everyone sighs collectively?  Remember: when everyone completes their work without passing it off on others, the entire organization is more efficient.  Efficiency equals more free time (leaving early?) and can *also* mean more cash flow (raises anyone?)  Take ownership of the organization you work for and recognize that your job is dependent upon how that organization is doing financially.

OK.  I think I'm done.  For now.

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