Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mashed Potatoes...Wow.

Today I decided to make turkey & dressing w/ mashed potatoes & gravy...all in the crockpot.  Well, all in the crockpot except for the mashed potatoes, which I just made.  I have ONLY ever made Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes, and wow...they are astounding!  Of course this is probably the 8th time I have made them, but the first time I made them with Yukon Gold potatoes instead of the standard Russet.  I was nervous because I know that Russet makes the BEST baked potato, and thus I thought it would also make the BEST mashed potatoes.  Turns out the Yukon Gold are still excellent in mashed potatoes, I am happy to report.  I'm eating them as we speak...at 3pm...don't judge me.

The turkey, gravy, & stuffing, however, may not be turning out so hot.  We shall soon see as it is supposedly ready at 4pm so we can eat at 4:30 before Jake continues on to work.  No worries - I can survive on the mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce I have chilling in the fridge...YUM!

P.S.  Still sick.  When.  Will.  It.  End.


Sara Beth said...

Thanks for your suggestion on sippy cups at www.twoscoopsforme.blogspot.com I'll have to try them out!

Amanda E. said...

No problem! Your girls are beautiful :-D