Monday, July 30, 2012

First Blog Post in a MONTH?!

Clearly I have been out of it the past few weeks...probably because we are PREGNANT!  Yes, the Eichenbergers are due with baby number 3 right around February 10th of next year.  I'm ecstatic to *finally* have a non-July (aka heat of the year) baby, although I will admit that I am really lacking in maternity clothes for cooler weather.  Good thing it never really gets "cold" in Augusta!

I have been feeling uber nauseous since week 6 and there are no signs it will be stopping anytime soon, even though I'll be 13 weeks on Sunday.  Bah.  Of course I don't really expect it to leave until closer to 20 weeks as it lasted until 22 weeks with Cole and 19 weeks with Vera.  I'm on pepcid 3x a day and Zofran twice a day (although I would *love* to take that 3 times a day...try telling that to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia).

Well I've got to go as Vera just woke up from her nap and I desperately need to hit up the (ugh) grocery.  Wish me luck!  I'm really not into dry heaving through every aisle...

P.S.  You'll see a couple posts up soon that I wrote a while back but waited to publish as they related to the baby...

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