Monday, July 30, 2012

Confessions of a Pregnant Mom of Two...Lunch FAIL.

(Written on Monday, July 9, 2012 - 9 weeks 1 day)

After taking Vera to her 1 year old well check, I was feeling bleh...fairly nauseous, even though I was well medicated on both Pepcid and Zofran, and I knew I should eat soon or everything would go downhill FAST.  The Zofran has allowed me to eat pretty much everything I normally eat, but some of the typical food aversions are still there even still.  The first thing that popped into my head was a philly cheesesteak sandwich from the Great Steak...mmmmm.  I am guessing this was a craving because I have always loved mayo, but mayo has been a centerpiece for this entire pregnancy.  Sounds strange, right?  And I'm sure some of you are totally grossed out...

Anyway, the only Great Steak here in Augusta (to my knowledge) is at the mall, ugh.  Not so convenient, but I headed on over there with both kids in tow.  Twenty minutes later I am parked and hauling the Orbit out of the trunk, setting it up, and getting the kids out of their seats and ready to stroll on into the food court.  After somehow managing to open both sets of double doors, I look to my right and where the Great Steak USED to be, there is a massive wall that they have put up covering the entire storefront.  The blasted place has either gone out of business or is undergoing renovations...neither of which were mentioned on the aforementioned wall that they put up in front of the place (way to go Augusta Mall).

I was livid.  I did a complete about face and walked out the door as there was no way I could try to choke down Sbarro instead of my beloved cheesesteak.  Even just typing Sbarro makes me want to vomit.  Bleh.  So my next best option was Burger  Cole was screaming that he wanted food and Vera was upset that she had just gotten 3 shots plus a finger stick and had been in and out of her carseat roughly a bagillion times.  Burger King it was.

I pulled into the drive thru and the woman says "I'm sorry but the drive thru is closed for the next few minutes while the workmen are here..." (referencing this guy who had parked his truck in the middle of the drive thru lane, blocking the way, while he suctioned all of the hideous used oil from the Burger King...appetizing.)  " may want to go inside" she added, to which I laughed and said "Well, I've got kids in here and that really isn't an option."  I go to put the van in reverse and some idiot truck pulls RIGHT in as I am reversing...stupid?  Nah, it's just Augusta.  Wrightsboro Road, to be more specific.  Then another guy gets behind him.  So I sit there for the next 10 minutes trying not to ponder the grossness of the entire situation and listening to the kids scream.

Finally the guy finishes and leaves and then we place our order, which was pretty simple.  I wanted a number 1 combo (whopper) with cheese, no onion, with a dr. pepper, and also a regular cheeseburger.  After pulling up to the first window, paying, and then pulling up to the second window, a lady opens the window, shoves a massive drink at me and then says "large coke" and slams the window and dissappears.  So I wait for about 3 minutes until she comes back and say "umm I actually had a medium Dr. Pepper" to which she says "Yes, I noticed that."  ???  I guess she thought I was trying to steal someone's large coke...?  Yeah, I tried not to think about that one too long as I felt the brain cells leaving my head.

I handed her the coke and she gave me the Dr. Pepper and our bag of food.  As I pulled away I got Cole's cheeseburger and handed it back to him.  While stopped at a light I opened my whopper and was disgusted to see a DOUBLE onion.  Really?  Ordinarily this would be no biggie, but this pregnant chick had had about all I wanted of incompetent people for this Monday morning.  I nearly threw the second patty out the window, but thought through that again since I would have certainly been carted off to jail after being pulled over for littering...I'm not thinking cops would take to my sense of humor.

So here I am rehashing this story during naptime, still feeling nauseous, plus super tired, and realizing that this oh-so-dramatic story sounds not nearly so dramatic as it felt at the time...ha.  Where are you second trimester?

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