Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Names

I'm sitting here writing this at 8:30pm on Friday, June has been 2 weeks since we found out we are PREGNANT with baby number three!  Part of me still wonders if we are totally off our rockers...but this baby was definitely planned, nonetheless.

The big due date is February 10, 2013, but knowing me, this kid will be born no later than February 3rd.  Am I happy to *finally* have a child who is not born in the month of July?  YES.  No more "July Effect" babies for me, thanks.

Vera will be about 19 months old and Cole will be 3.5 when baby tres is born...right now we are thinking about names and keep coming back to Asher Glenn for a boy and Zella or (my fav) Minnie for a girl...have no clue about middle names for a girl.  I have a weird feeling this is a girl, but we are good with either gender :-D

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