Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kayaking on the Savannah? Heck, Yeah.

We can't wait for Jake's sister & brother-in-law to come visit us again this weekend :-D  Last time they were here, we ventured out to the Savannah River Rapids Pavilion, a cute little historic area on the river with a great playground and some cool views.  At the time it was SUPER hot and we really wanted to jump into the water (although who knows what is in the river...), so Sally & Scott suggested kayaking or white water rafting.

Initially I looked up the possibility of white water rafting, but it looks like there isn't quite enough rapids in our area, so that was out.  Then I found Escape Outdoors in Evans, an outdoor sport supply store that  also rents kayaks.  Better yet, they just opened a little place in the Savannah River Rapids Pavilion that rents kayaks - aka NO transporting the kayaks!  We plan on getting there a little after 10am on Saturday and starting our journey at 10:30am.

It'll take us 2-3 hours to go from the pavilion area to Lake Olmstead, where we hope to have parked one of our cars.  Technically they have a shuttle that can take us back, along with our kayaks, but to avoid the shuttle fee I think we'll park a car down there.  And they'll pick up the kayaks there for free!  Ahhh...this is going to be awesome.

Did I mention I've got a great sitter coming to watch the kids at the house the entire time?!  Yeah.  Saturday is going to be awesome.

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