Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Will the Organizing Ever END?

For the first time ever I am and have been thoroughly cleaning out and giving away tons of stuff as we unpack boxes this go around in the moving process.  Typically I just shove EVERYTHING (sometimes even trash...???) into boxes, unpack it all, and CRAM it wherever it will fit.  I chose *not* to do that this time, and I'm definitely glad.  We had a pretty successful yard sale last Saturday and took the remaining items to Goodwill.  Already I have a pretty nice pile of MORE stuff accumulating that we plan to sell at our neighborhood's collective yard sale on June 16th.  Having yard sales is a ton of work, but the feeling you get at the end when you see that other people have paid you so that they can haul away your is priceless.

Sadly the process is downright grueling.  Every box (or, in our case every bin) I have to painstakingly go through, most of the time late at night while watching one of the housewives casts.  The first 20 bins were no big deal, but it is the remaining bazillion that are KILLING me.  I mean I would much rather be organizing the master bedroom and bathroom and closets instead of going through office supplies and testing each and every individual pen, pencil, highlighter, and permanent marker to see if they work...

The other issue with the whole moving process is that normal life still goes on...laundry piles up, kitchen/dining room tables get dirty, dirty dishes get thrown into the sink, and toys get thrown about the living room and the kids' rooms.  I would be HAPPY to blast through unpacking if someone could get me a full-time live-in nanny for my regular life.

It's not all bad here, though.  In fact it is pretty awesome.  Cole is having a blast with all of the amazing neighbor kids who are right around his age and he is loving that we spend about four times as much time outside compared to at the old house.  Most evenings we have family time on the front porch and share creamsicles.  I mean how idyllic is that?  (Keep in mind that the inside of the house still looks just as I described it in the paragraphs above...)

If anyone has any suggestions on how to shortcut this organization process, let me know.  I'm slightly freaking out because I have a mere 10 days until hosting a baby shower for Jake's co-worker at our house.  Whoops.

Our front porch (Ikea APPLARO furniture + accent cushions & outdoor rug from Costco)

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