Friday, May 18, 2012


Here are a few of the messes I have spent countless hours cleaning up this week...

*Cole took a bottle of baby shampoo and dumped it into our bathtub.

*While I was sleeping in the morning, Cole walked into Jake's closet and poured an entire bottle of shampoo out on the carpeted floor.

Friday (today)
*I walk in Jake's closet to find a mound of kids SPF30 sunblock on the carpet and under the door.
*Cole pours 25% of a 1 pound container of egg white powder all over the pantry and kitchen floors plus himself and Vera...
*I ask him to stand in the tub and wait while I clean up the mess - he dumps a completely full, mega size Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash container all over the tub and his feet (which still have socks on them).

I'm officially done.  This has GOT to stop.


Ashley E. said...

I would cry.

Amanda E. said...

So I'm NOT crazy?! This is excellent news!