Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marshalls - Don't Knock it 'Till You Try it!

I've always shopped at TJ Maxx and Marshalls whenever I am in the area with cash to burn, and of course one of my FAVORITE stores is Home Goods (also owned by their parent company).  A recent trip to Marshalls has me reconsidering the store and perhaps making it a FIRST stop instead of just a passing window shopping store.  You see it all started when I had two glorious hours to myself one evening, thanks to Jake agreeing to put the kids in bed.  I had just planned on going to Target to pick up our totally awesome Neato XV-12, the robotic vacuum that literally changed my life, but when I pulled up to the store I saw Marshalls just down the way and thought "why not?"

After browsing through a truly extensive selection of shoes, and then their home section, I came upon their swimsuits.  Pre-babies I absolutely LOVED bathing suit shopping.  I know I know - I'm the only girl in the world who has ever said that...but it is true.  I rarely ever wore one-pieces (because I'm a total ho-bag, bahaha)...but really, because I seem to have one of the country's longest least that is how I feel.  Although I lost more than the baby weight post-baby each time, I was left with what I deem to be some pretty hideous stretch marks.  Bah.

So NOW I am a one-piece/tankini kind of gal...and up until the last few months it really cramped my style and made swimsuit shopping one of my LEAST favorite trips to the store (more normal, right?)  Recently, though, the styles have been changing...for the better.  I used to exclusively buy VS suits as they have an extensive collection and copius promo codes, but since making the switch to mostly one-pieces I had to start looking elsewhere for more of a selection.  In my endless quest to find swimwear that is both flattering AND stylish, I came upon one of my now favorite designers - Michael Kors.  His swimwear is gorgeous...runs slightly big (heck yes)...fits me well...AND is made with some pretty amazing material.  Problem: Michael Kors is expensive.  Like $168 for my last one-piece kind of expensive.  Shoot.  Me.  In.  The.  Face.

Anyway, back to my trip to Marshalls...I browse through the swimwear.  I pushed aside countless old lady suits, and at least a hundred typical two-pieces, but there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  There at the end of the rack sat this little my size, no less:

Michael Kors Cayman Tankini

Tankini Top in Indigo
(I bought it in Indigo)

Ordinarily this tankini top is $92 and the bottom $ a grand total of $140.  The price tag at Marshalls for the two combined?

Get ready for it...


Marshalls.  Give it a second thought...

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