Monday, May 7, 2012

The Big Two-Seven

I am sitting here at our breakfast table overlooking our beautiful back yard and eating one of my most favorite breakfasts ever - a Pillsbury Grands Biscuit sandwich.  Of course what I am neglecting to tell you is that Vera is attempting to pull a carbon monoxide detector out of the wall, the dogs are barking, and Cole is stealing pieces of my sandwich bit by bit.

Today is my 27th birthday and I'll have to admit - it is quite strange to be experiencing it the Monday after the Derby.  Most of the time it feels so much closer...squished together, if you will.  Sadly Jake started a PICU rotation today which means he'll be home even later each day since I think they hand over about half an hour later than the other rotations.  He *does* get to go in a bit later...instead of starting at 6am he begins at 6:45am.

I am still in full shower planning mode for our friend's baby shower at the house this coming Saturday.  I did manage to get one large tissue pom done last night (check out pinterest for the scoop), but I have only done 1 small and 1 large and still have 2 large and 2 small to go!  Bah.  I finished editing the menu and food/candy buffet labels and will be headed over to a friend's house to steal her color printer so I can print those out.

Today's agenda includes waiting for a flooring guy to come check out our bathroom so he can see what needs to be done to convert it to a tile shower (there is a small crack in the floor right now).  Then we'll head to Darcy's to print labels, come back home and have lunch (chicken, bean, & cheese burritos from Costco), and FINALLY - beloved nap time.  I desperately need to brush the dogs as they are currently dropping fur all over our house like it is nobody's business.  I also need to finish a couple crafts for shower decor...and clean the house.  I'm sure all of this will get done during nap time and there is no way I would ever just sit on the couch and watch trash television all afternoon...right?

No worries - I *do* know that I am the most boring person alive.

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