Friday, April 27, 2012

Moving is KILLING Me.

I apologize to the 2.6666 of you who read this blog for my lack of presence this past worries, though.  Instead of neglecting my two kids by blogging every other day, I am neglecting my kids by unpacking every technically it is the same for them (wouldn't want to really mess up their schedule).

Vera is getting bigger...though she is almost 10 months old and still not even 18lbs, haha.  She eats TONS of solid foods...and begs for more when her plate is empty.  She pulls up to a stand all the time, but isn't quite "cruising" yet.  I thought she would be an early walker, but it looks as though she may follow in her brother's footsteps and walk around 13 months.  She could surprise us all, though...who knows.

Cole is doing well and LOVES the new neighborhood and all of the kids right around his age.  He goes outside in his backyard at least a dozen times each day (many times without saying a word to me...we are working on that).  He has also started "helping" me with the dogs (mainly letting them out in the yard), which is actually great when I have my hands full.

The house pretty much looks like a wreck and we still have a couple more trips to make to the old house to get everything out.  We also have a yard sale at the old place this Saturday - wahoo!  I plan on spending most of the day Sunday cleaning up the old place so it is perfect for our walk-through with the property manager on Monday. perfect as it was when we moved

I'm also in full craft/decoration/recipe/PINTEREST mode getting ready to host a baby shower at our home in May.  I can't wait to finally be DONE organizing the house so I have time to start really decorating...

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