Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Costco Day...Just for Stamps, of Course.

I had been working on sealing, stamping, and addressing all of our "We've Moved" cards that needed to be sent out by today when I realized I needed roughly a bazillion MORE stamps to finish the job.  Because I hate the US Post Office more than nearly anything I can think of at this moment in time, we headed to Costco this morning, post Master's rush (around 11am).

I walked in and immediately noticed that they had a MATCHING floor pillow that would work perfectly with the two chair cushions I bought a few weeks prior for the outdoor patio set we have.  It was $20 and hugely poofy and matched beautifully - sold.  Browsed through the television section just to convince myself that indeed a 47" HDTV for a mere $280 from a Martinez craigslist posting actually WAS a phenomenal deal.  Easily proven.

This is where I should have just gone, scratch that, RAN straight to a check-out lane to get my stamps and get the heck out of there.  Naturally on my way to the check-out I went through the housewares/linen aisle in the middle of the store.  We saw a beautiful printed sheets set that would work amazingly with the current window treatments in the master bedroom of the new house...but alas, they only had it in full.  Oh well.  Again, should have just shut my eyes and done a mad dash to the front...but it was too late.

At this point I saw the off-brand GelPro kitchen anti-fatigue mats that I have been coveting for the past, oh I don't know, year?!  At $13 buck a pop, I had to get one...make that two.  And then Cole picked out a pretty awesome spa bath mat that is uber soft...and I decided that the kids needed matching towels and washcloths to go with it.

My total was $90...then I got to use my $30 rewards coupon...and just as I was patting myself on the back for only spending $60, I realized I never bought the know...the reason I went to Costco in the first place.  Typical.

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