Friday, March 23, 2012

Quick Update

We have been SO busy the past couple weeks...and *sadly* this trend will continue through the Masters and is a quick rundown:

*We had a BLAST on the Disney Cruise with both sets of our parents - Vera & Cole were ecstatic to get to have all of their grandparents together in one place.  Highlights included Cole discovering the Oceaneer's Club, a place designed just for kids...really an amazing place.  Typically kids can't go until they are at least 3, but since Cole was potty trained they allowed him to go a few months early.  He loved "Andy's Room" from Toy is a picture:

For more pictures - check out Facebook!

*During a VERY unplanned visit to the car dealership for a repair on the S40, we ended up purchasing a the middle of a Thursday...I am still in shock.  We decided on a pre-owned 2007 Honda Odyssey EX-L.  It is a metallic sand/gold color (desert rock) is a stock picture as ours is currently being detailed (hopefully we'll get it next week):

2007 Honda Odyssey in Desert Rock Metallic

They have put us in a slightly newer EX-L Odyssey while ours gets cleaned up, and so we get to drive it on our trip today...which leads me to the next update...

*Jake and I are going to his best friend's wedding in Tallahassee, FL!  Yep.  We're back in Florida.  Except this time we get to drive those two-lane, non-highway roads the WHOLE trip.  First we'll drop the kids off at my parents' place at the lake, and then we'll continue to make our way will be nice to drive the trip in a new vehicle!

*Master's week is coming up (first week in April) and we have NO idea what to expect here in regards to traffic/congestion.  I am *hoping* it isn't too bad, but who knows.  Ideally we'll be too busy inside our house trying to break down furniture and pack boxes because...

*We are moving on April 8th!  Technically the movers come on the 9th, but we *hope* to move the vast majority ourselves the day before.  My goal is to only use the movers for large items (mattresses, beds, couches, chairs, tables, etc) but have Jake and I move pretty much everything else while mom watches the kids.  We'll see how well this works out...

Jake and I are so excited about this past month and next month - we are truly blessed :-D

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