Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pinterest v. Real Life

After spending entirely too much time pinning countless swimsuit options for Vera, it hit me (again).  Like we can *really* afford to spend $60 on a suit and an additional $50 on a matching cover-up for our nearly 7 month old bundle of joy...ugh.  But I dusted myself off and headed to Target (again), hoping to at *least* find a couple of suitable alternatives in Vera's size (currently 6 months...she's quite small).

Cole and I deliberated for quite some time between a few different swimsuits for Miss Vera, but here is what we collectively chose...

Circo® Girls Infant Toddler Girls 2-Piece Tankini Set - Blue.Opens in a new window
Circo Two Piece Tankini (Blue)

Circo® Infant Toddler Girls Short-Sleeve Coverup - Assorted Colors.Opens in a new window
Circo Short-Sleeved Cover Up (Knockout Aqua)

Not quite the haute couture look I was going for, but you can't beat a total price tag of $24.

Gotta go - Pinterest is calling again...but this time it's cupcakes.

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