Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Messy House? I Have You Beat.

In hindsight, I should have actually snapped a few pictures of the catastrophe I am about to describe, but alas, it just WASN'T on my top priority list.  Today I decided to make cupcakes...again.  After choosing a very random Pinterest recipe for Brown Butter cupcakes and yet another random Pinterest recipe for cinnamon buttercream, I set out to create my masterpiece.

I'm a fairly neat baker/cooker/whatnot.  I like to keep a de-cluttered workspace and don't want to have to think about doing a ton of dishes afterward, so I pretty much rinse and put bowls/dishes/utensils in the dishwasher as I go along.  That said, the kitchen looked pretty good even after creating the batter, scooping it and putting it into muffin tins, and even after creating the buttercream frosting.

That was until I decided to do my ever so awesome (but ever so DANGEROUS, as I now know) trick that I learned from...wait for it...wait for it...Pinterest.  You take a piece of plastic wrap and place it on the counter, then take some frosting and plop it in the middle of the plastic with a spatula.  Wrap the frosting in the plastic wrap and then ...hmmm...kindof spin it.  Got the picture?  Yeah.  Well I had done it twice before today, so being a pro, I spun that thing until it begged for mercy.  And then it broke.

Buttercream shot everywhere - straight up into the air, going into my eye and then going further and splattering all over the ceiling and light fixture.  As if that wasn't bad enough, the trajectory of this thing was literally every possible direction...a full 360 degrees...going around at least 3 times with the hole in the plastic wrap.  I found frosting down my shirt, on my socks, on my desk, all over my swivel chair (seat, legs, casters, you name it), and I don't think I'll ever be able to NOT slide down on the tile floor ever again.  The worst part was that it simply refused to come off the ceiling.  I mean why don't you try to scrape this stuff off a trashy popcorn ceiling.  Yeah.  That's when Jake and I did the only thing left to do...we sprayed some seriously toxic white ceiling paint all over it...

I fully intend on spraying MORE ceiling paint over the buttercream later when the oil seeps out of it and forms rings in the popcorn...yeah.  I'm that person.  Well, not really.  I started out as this truly awesome renter - one who is all too eager to make permanent improvements to property that isn't even theirs...but so many things have happened since then...and currently I am sitting on the couch listening to the buzzing of at least 6 massive flies from our infestation that has been present for 3 weeks.  So one could say I am not very motivated at this point.

ANYWAY.  Here are a few pictures...of the cupcakes...not the mess.

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