Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exciting Announcements

We have a few totally awesome things to announce...here is a quick rundown:
  1. Nope - not pregnant.
  2. Nope - not lotto winners...even better than that...
  3. WE ARE MOVING!  As of April 8th, we will be the proud lessees of a gorgeous home in an equally beautiful neighborhood in Evans, Georgia.  Be on the lookout for our "We've Moved!" announcements coming in the mail :-D  This afternoon I plan on getting comfy with picnik and creating our new blog header with the picture of the new house...stay tuned for a house tour by mid-April or so.
  4.  Pre-moving we are going on a Disney Cruise!  Of course I'm pretty sure I already mentioned this in a past post...but we are in crazy packing/planning mode right now and so it seems to be top of mind these days.
  5. Vera no longer wakes up 3 times each night and has gotten it down to...drumroll please...ONCE each morning!  She sleeps from 8p-4a, wakes up, then goes back down from 4:30a-7:30a.  This.  Is.  Awesome.  Now I just need to start going to bed BEFORE 11:30pm each evening...
  6. I have become a total baking fanatic.  My next project is to create some chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes to ship to Sam at law school, but after that I will be creating a 1-tier, 4-layer cake covered in a thin layer of buttercream followed by some rolled fondant.  I have no idea what flavor(s) I will be creating, so if you have a suggestion - LEAVE IT IN A COMMENT PLEEEEEASE!
P.S.  Yes - this house is still infested with massive, gross flies.  I'll update this later in the week after they (probably) set off some ridiculous fogger/bug bomb.


Becky said...

Any time you get a wild hair to make some carrot cake cupcakes, you let me know and I'll be sure you have my address. ;)

Amanda E. said...

I will *DEFINITELY* send you some if/when I end up making carrot cake ;-)