Monday, January 23, 2012

I Heart

That swim suit I blogged about the other day?  Well, it came today (super fast and super awesome service) and I was psyched to try it on.  It is BEAUTIFUL!  And the best part - I need to exchange it for a size *smaller*...ahhhhh.  Smaller.  I like that.  And because I originally wanted it in the beautiful Truffle color and they actually HAVE that color in this new size, I totally opted for it this time around.  I will say that the Cream was gorgeous as well, but I don't want to feel like I can't do absolutely anything in this suit...(you in the sand...get baby food all over it...the usual).

I was able to quickly and easily exchange this bad boy with the help of "Kevin," my friendly agent, via instant message.  They are shipping me the new one ASAP (next day shipping AGAIN) without even charging my card again - how cool are they?  Pretty cool.  I'll leave you with the Truffle version of the suit...which hopefully will fit PERFECTLY!

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