Monday, November 28, 2011


We had a pretty excellent Thanksgiving holiday this past Thursday.  All the stars aligned and Jake managed to be off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday and even was home early on Wednesday so we could leave for the lake before the real traffic hit (ha - traffic in Augusta...there isn't such a thing).  Our friends Darcy and Eric and their kids came and joined my parents, Jake's parents, and my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her husband and adorable little girl for the festivities at Reynold's Plantation.

We had all of our "standard" menu items, plus a couple new things I wanted to try out.  Mom made pretty much everything (even the appetizer I was supposed to do as I ended up being super late since we walked 9 holes that morning).  We had...

*'lil smokies (my recipe - in cranberry sauce & bbq sauce)
*veggies & dip
*olive tapenade & provolone stuffed bread
*baked brie (the only thing I actually made that day, and of course it ended up being done right as we sat down for the real meal)

Main Event
*turkey (surprise)
*Honeybaked ham
*noodles (a Kentucky family favorite, great with stuffing)
*mashed potatoes
*cranberry sauce (a la dogfood can - my FAVORITE)
*green bean casserole (courtesy of Darcy)

*sweet tea
*spiced hot apple cider (ok, so technically I *made* this...but it was plopping a spice mix in cider and heating it on the stove)

*pumpkin crunch (courtesy of Jake's mom)
*key lime pie (courtesy of my aunt Robin)
*cookie dough pops (I made these in advance back in Augusta and transported them - turned out pretty good but I will probably be using a non-staining sprinkle variety next and red didn't go well all over my mouth)

Clearly we had some pretty awesome food that day.  The next day, Black Friday, my mom, mother-in-law, and myself left the kids with the guys and headed out to *shop* (I use the term loosely as we were in Greensboro, Georgia...not much "shopping" to be done, really).  We got some pretty good deals and had a lot of fun.  Friday afternoon Jake, Jake's dad, me, and my dad all went out and played 18 holes of golf at the Creek Club.  I didn't play super well, but didn't play really badly either...just so so (except for my one and only birdie on a par it). 

Saturday was spent shopping a bit more, but not before we got our mani/pedis done.  We played 9 holes at the National course in the afternoon where I played MUCH better.  And we finished out the day with an excellent dinner at a new Italian restaurant in Greensboro.

Well, I would go on, but Cole is talking about how he got soap on the floor, so I should be on my way.  I'll be back to talk about today, Cyber Monday...awesome.

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