Friday, November 4, 2011

Sooner or Later...We're Gonna Make It.

Here are a few random updates from my oh-so-boring life...
  1. I am now officially a Costco Executive Member.  Opening day - November 16th - here in Augusta, baby!  Darcy: ARE YOU READY?!
  2. I am *totally* applying for the Costco AmEx...I know, not very interesting, but it is my life.
  3. I am supposed to be on a low salt/low oxalate diet.  To that I say "low oxalate, shlowoxalate, ha."  This essentially means I can never eat outside of my home again.  Try again, nephrologist.  Try again.
  4. Steak 'n Shake Chili replica was good - not the same, but pretty good.  I'll post my recipe below.
  5. You all have GOT to listen to this Mat Kearney album.  Wow.  Seriously.
  6. I am embarking on a "spend less" spree...for the 18th time in a row.  Lets see if this lasts.
  7. I already ordered our Christmas cards & return address labels - JEALOUS?
  8. My kids are *still* napping...aaaaaaaah.  Bliss.
  9. Isn't Pinterest awesome?
  10. I have used the paddle attachment on my stand mixer this week TWICE to make absolutely PERFECT shredded chicken.  Do it - it will change your life.
Amanda's Faux Steak 'n Shake Chili 3-way PLUS Cheese

1lb lean ground beef
salt & pepper (to taste)
2 cans chili (I am thinking any brand will do...Chilli Man, Bush's, Castleberry's, yada yada)
16oz ketchup
2tbsp white vinegar
2tbsp brown sugar
16oz cooked spaghetti (al dente PLEASE, none of that mushy stuff)
Heinz chili sauce
Worcestershire sauce
shredded cheddar cheese

*In large dutch oven, brown ground beef and season w/ salt & pepper; drain off excess fat.
*Pour in chili, vinegar, brown sugar; simmer on low for 30 minutes (or longer).
*In separate microwave-safe bowl, combine 4 parts chili sauce with 1 part Worcestershire sauce; heat until warmed through in microwave.
*Serve chili on top of cooked pasta; add special chili sauce & cheddar cheese.

Don't forget the saltines!


Eric and Darcy said...

Haha. Did you realize you mentioned several purchases AND your effort to spend less? You're too funny!

Amanda E. said...

Bahahaha - yes, but hey---I managed to score 25% off my order plus free shipping ;-)