Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ships in the Night

Yup.  Still listening to Mat Kearney.  Halloween was great...tons of kids...mom & dad came and helped Cole go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood...buffalo chicken sandwiches were terrific...great day.  Of course I *did* have to get two fillings re-done earlier that afternoon, but aside from that everything was just peachy.

Tonight I plan on making a Kraft recipe - "Fuss-Free Ravioli and Cheese Bake."  Looks excellent and super easy, so we'll see how that turns out.  I am also debating on whether or not to attempt a Target run post-nap with the kids as we are in desperate need of diapers for Cole.

Speaking of Cole, the poor little guy is a bit under the weather.  This morning he woke up with a weird, hacking cough.  Luckily mom spent the night and was nice enough to watch him while Vera and I went to our Side by Side bible study (for medical/dental wives).  We are also dealing with a CRAZY diaper rash with Cole.  He is very used to moderate diaper rashes, but this is one of the more severe ones...eh.  Poor kid now requests that we NOT use wipes...and yes, we have resorted to sticking him in his shower instead...you do what you gotta do.

Just found out last night that Jake actually has Thursday, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday off for Thanksgiving - craziness!  We are truly blessed.  I am hoping to make Thanksgiving treats to bring to the lake...specifically edible chocolate chip cookie-dough on a stick, covered in white chocolate and sprinkles.  Mmmmmm.

On the kidney stone front we still don't know anything, but Jake is hoping to bring home my CAT scan today (no worries, HIPPA, I filled out the blasted form) so I should be able to tell if the radiologist believes it is a kidney stone in my ureter...or if it is just some "random calcification" elsewhere.  I have my follow up appointments with the nephrologist followed by the urologist on Thursday afternoon.  I will be really happy to have these ridiculous appointments STOP eventually.

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