Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lazy Sunday Morning

I got up today fully anticipating that I would try to make it to church with the kids (sans Jake, since he has zero days off this weekend), but alas, here we are...not at church.  Instead we are watching Ruby & Max while I let Vera take her beloved morning nap, which she only gets to take a couple times each week.  My "to do" list is about a mile long with the usual chores, but is even LONGER right now with Thanksgiving being this week.  I need to pack everyone up, make cookie dough pops, AND get together all the ingredients I am bringing to make a few recipes at the lake.

Just thinking about all of this makes me tired.

The rest of our day includes an early lunch of grilled VeryVera pimento cheese sandwiches followed by an early nap for all three of us (fingers crossed).  I *should* be tackling some of the things on my list, but in the words of Scarlett, "I'll think about it tomorrow...After all, tomorrow is another day!"

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