Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yesterday we headed to Costco with Darcy and her kids.  We totally looked like a combination "octo-mom," me with Vera strapped to me (in her Beco Gemini) pushing a Costco cart with Cole and Elina, and Darcy with the twins sitting in her cart.  It was PACKED!  Whew!  Absolute mayhem.  And sadly no one was moving quickly...ahem...oh well.

I had a massive list and only managed to get about 50% of it, but given the packed conditions, I would say that is pretty good.  And some of the things they didn't end up having, so those items don't count ;-)  Here are a few things I did manage to grab...

*frozen chicken breasts
*lean ground beef - which, I might add, I already sectioned off into one pound bags and tucked in the chest freezer
*frosted mini wheats - clearly for Jake
*pack of 3 golf gloves
*Huggies wipes
*programmable Crock Pot and Little Dipper - this is my Christmas gift from Jake, he just doesn't know it yet
*queso dip - tried it out already and it is EXCELLENT
*paper plates

Can't wait to go back!

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