Friday, November 11, 2011

The Blessing of Friends

I'll admit it...I was incredibly worried about moving to Augusta because I didn't want to have to make NEW friends.  I love my old friends in Indy (shout out to you, Susan & Ashley!) and I hated the idea of being 11 hours away from them.  Sadly that feeling has not changed.  BUT I somehow made some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for here in Augusta.  Our group of friends all have kids around the same age, which is a great perk for playdate time at the park, and we continue adding to the group all the time ;-)

It actually all began on this blog...well, actually on the "Lives of Doctor's Wives" blog that I have contributed to a couple times.  Back in March on Match Day I announced that we had matched at MCG here in Augusta and that we would be moving all the way down here from Indianapolis.  Immediately I was contacted by a sweet gal in Chicago named Darcy who said she was in almost the same boat, her husband having matched into a residency program at MCG as well.  The best part?  She had a 2 year old as well!  Make that TWO 2 year olds - adorable twin boys :-D  And strange enough, she also had a little baby girl who was a few months old.  Little did I know I would be having a little girl a few months later!  Well, I mean I knew I would be having a baby, but we didn't know the gender ;-) 

Darcy and I emailed each other back and forth over the next few months to trade information on home rentals, local real estate agents (ugh), local grocery stores, and good places to go with preschoolers.  I don't know what I would have done without her help throughout those months!  Once we moved to town, Cole, my mom, & I totally barged into their home one day to meet Darcy's family.  Sure enough they were just as nice as they seemed, if not nicer!  I swear this is beginning to sound like an eHarmony ad.  Ahhh.  Oh well.  Anyway, a few weeks after meeting for the first time we had already had a TON of playdates with the kids, who hit it off and became fast friends. 

Around the same time I met yet ANOTHER truly amazing mom, Mary Elizabeth, whose husband is a fellow pediatric intern with Jake.  She has the cutest little 3 year old, Israel, and immediately Cole was totally enamored with him.  I think Israel is his idol...and he is the topic of conversation at least once each day, as are Darcy's twins "Bant and Caw-tuh" - otherwise known as Brandt and Carter in Cole's Augustan inflection that he has already managed to pick up.  I knew after meeting Mary Elizabeth that her and Darcy would totally hit it off...and of COURSE I was right ;-) 

After I had Vera and was out of the picture for a bit while attempting to adjust to life with two kids, and being amazed at the same time at how Darcy had to just go from zero to 2 in a span of seconds!  I can still remember our first real playdate out of the house after Vera was born.  Darcy and I happened to be at the Columbia County Library playground (which is totally awesome, btw) on a Friday morning.  As we were both running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to *find* our children and prevent them from walking off with some crazy stranger, we happened to meet an AWESOME mom, Meredith, and her handsome son, Hayes.  "How old is Hayes?" you may be asking.  Why Hayes is 2, of course.  And when was he born?  The day before Cole! 

I mean how weird...but by this point I really should have figured it out that I was meeting all of these amazing moms for a reason.  In fact, I couldn't have made it any more perfect for myself here in Augusta.  I am so grateful that the Lord's timing is perfect and that even through the pain of moving away from my friends in Indianapolis, he has brought me group of incredible moms that I have the privilege of calling my friends.

To Darcy, Mary Elizabeth, & Meredith - I love you all!


Eric and Darcy said...

You're a cornball. Love you too

Amanda E. said...

Bahahaha - you know you love it ;-)