Sunday, November 6, 2011

4 Months Postpartum Update

With Cole I was lucky when it came to getting "back" into shape.  Really lucky.  Of course I never worked out prior to Cole being born, ha, so what I really mean is looking the same as I did before the pregnancy.  I was back down to pre-pregnancy weight at 6 weeks, and then by 12 weeks I was back to high school weight (aka 10lbs less).  With Vera I lost a lot by 6 weeks, but seemed to have stalled out at 10 pounds over where I wanted to be.  Of course I was not shocked as this was par for the course being the mom of a little girl who nursed 5 minutes at a time every couple hours.  As Vera grew bigger and began treatment for silent reflux, we noticed her start to eat for longer periods and space herself out a bit, which was awesome.

I can now officially say that I am 1 pound less than what I was pre-Vera (and Cole).  YAY!

I'm totally cool with continuing to lose weight, if that is what happens ;-)  But if I do, I am going to have to do better cutting calories AFTER Vera stops nursing...whenever she decides its not her cup of tea anymore.  After Cole weaned himself I managed to gain back those 10 pounds extra that I had lost, hehe, which was fine as it is probably what I "should" be...but it is the greatest feeling to be able to fit into your old clothes...and have room to spare, right?

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