Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Step Class...Wow

So for the past week or so I have been planning on going to the Kroc Center's BodyStep class by Les Mills.  I was *hoping* a friend would go with me (ahem, Darcy & Meredith), but sadly both my friends (hey, don't laugh...we are new to Augusta...I do have one more friend, Mary three total) either had kids sick or were sick themselves, so it was just me by my lonesome.  I was inches away from NOT going...having anxiety attacks about going alone...but I finally found a tiny bit of strength and pushed through.  Turns out the instructor is totally awesome - incredibly nice and approachable - and she managed not to laugh out loud at me.

Let me start by saying I actually *do* have some step experience as I took two semesters of it in college to help satisfy a physical education requirement (hahaha).  I also did it on a cruise...once...don't recommend that one unless you are a balance beam olympian.  But no matter how much (fake) experience I had, it was no match for my horribly out of shape body.  Sure, I could blame it on having given birth three months ago...and then two years prior to that...but lets face it, that has nothing to do with me being out of shape.  I pretty much refuse to work out.  I never make time for it and have never thought it was worth it to be "in shape" as long as my body still fit into the almighty size 4.  Well size 4 has come and gone...size 6 is the new 4, didn't you know?  Ha.

But really my desire to get into shape now, at age 26, is not because I would like to be a size 4 again...or because I would like to weigh 117lbs again like the high school days.  No, I want to be in shape so that I have enough energy to get through the day with a two year old and a three month old.  And I guess I also want to be able to utilize at least a few pieces of my old wardrobe...I'll be honest.

Anyhow, the class was WAY intense and after about 10 minutes I was wishing I had just gone with 1 riser instead of 2.  Then at the 20 minute mark I was thinking "WTF - when is the freaking cool down?!"  Little did I know, the class was a full 60 minutes of high energy step aerobics followed by 10 minutes of legwork (ouch) and 5 minutes of cooldown.  I thought I died, but I was just delirious.  It did feel pretty awesome to know that I had successfully completed the entire class, though, and I think I may start going weekly.  Heck, I think I might start going Mondays AND Wednesdays.  It can't hurt, right?  The best part is that the Kroc Center's Child Watch program is your heart out YMCA.  My little ones were cared for by the sweetest older lady EVER and two younger gals who pretty much adored Cole.  Did I mention there is a train table?  Yeah.  We'll be back.

P.S.  Next time I am bringing water.  And Darcy.  And Meredith.  And Mary Elizabeth.


Mary Elizabeth said...

See, now that's why I run. Absolute minimum requirement of coordination and you can stop any time you dang feel like it! Kidding (kind of), but great job on making it through... and maybe I'll make it to the next class:).

Amanda E. said...

Hehehehe - hey, running is no joke! I can NOT run...unless I am being chased. You should definitely come with me---I think they are Mondays and Wednesdays but for now I think I'm just going to try doing a few more Wednesdays only and see if it gets a tiny bit easier, hehe.